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2012 Duplo DF-1000 Air Suction Folding Machine – 071523241002A

The fully automatic Duplo DF-1000 air suction folding machine is all you need for fast and easy folding of offset and digitally printed documents. This high performance paper folder incorporates Duplo’s renowned suction technology and tackles common problems, such as static build-up, faced by print providers when finishing digital color work. Unique in design, the DF-1000 does not require an additional pump, making it the quietest machine in its class. With five popular preset folds and a multitude of custom folds, crisp and accurate folding is just a touch away.

Regular Price $10,900
Model: DF-1000
S/N: 120400227
  • Pumpless air suction technology tackles static build-up when finishing digital color output
  • Perfect for digital print applications
  • Folds up to 248 sheets per minute
  • 1,000-sheet feed capacity
  • Fully automatic setup
  • User-friendly LCL panel
  • No special operator training required