2012 Buskro 705 Controller w/ Apollo Array Inkjet and BK1612 Conveyor – 051624462004A


Model: BK 1612 Conveyor (S/N: 16120796286)

Buskro BK-PCM-4H

Buskro Apollo Array Inkjet

Model: BK705 Controller (S/N: 705HNA 12254)

Model: 060-3005 (S/N: 1117-30607)

Model: 700-2015 (S/N: 1422-31010)

Buskro Apollo Array Inkjet


  • Print at speeds up to 2.75 m/s (550 fpm)
  • Available in 2” or 4” print modules for up to 16” of combined print
  • Ideal for addressing, barcoding and labeling applications on porous and uncoated materials

Proven Industry Workhorse

Apollo, a print industry stalwart for over 25 years, boasts HP45A print technology and Compose IQ software for versatile printing needs. Its robust design ensures reliability, while a diverse ink set ensures outstanding print quality. With resolutions ranging from 110 to 660 x 600 dpi, Apollo delivers crisp images on various substrates using aqueous, solvent, or specialty inks. Its modular design allows for easy expansion, accommodating individual printheads in 2″ or 4″ models, expandable up to 16” vertical print coverage. For an affordable inkjet solution with powerful software and extensive ink options, Apollo stands as the go-to choice for diverse print applications.

Affordable and Easy to Use

The Apollo print systems are affordable, upgradable, and user-friendly. They utilize a PC-based controller with Windows O/S and intuitive Compose IQ software, paired with a robust HP45A-based printhead. These systems handle diverse printing needs, from high-resolution images to rapid messaging, with customizable print resolutions and pen parameters.

Specialty ink changes are swift and mess-free. Upgrades are seamless, allowing for additional print capacity or access to advanced functions. Apollo integrates easily with other Buskro technologies for expanded capabilities. Ink changes are simplified with HP45A pens, ensuring clean and convenient replacements. The user-friendly controller enables easy operation, data import, layout preparation, and real-time print monitoring.

Wide Selection of Inks

A wide range of inks cater to diverse printing needs on many substrates.Apollo, with its HP45A pen technology, integrates various ink formulations, enabling printing on glossy substrates, adding color to monochrome prints, or applying security features with fluorescent or invisible inks. Compose IQ and Apollo electronics support these inks, adjusting settings for optimal performance, ensuring easy ink selection and change-over with a fast, convenient pen and stall design.

BK705 Controller


  • Available in entry-level, and more advanced controller modules
  • Driving force for Buskro’s suite of inkjet printers and Compose IQ software
  • Ideal for all variable digital printing and multi-faceted system control for all Buskro solutions

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