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2012 Bell + Howell Producer 16 Inserter – 4 Rotary Pockets w/ Envelope Feeder, Bulk Sheet Feeder,and Inline Folding Unit – 376066

Model: Bell + Howell Producer 16

S/N 4109 Inserter

4 rotary pockets

1 Rotary envelope feeder

Bulk Product Feeder (later in photos)

Inline Folding Unit  (later in photos)

Count 67 Million

The ProducerTM family of insert feeders includes rotary, friction, shuttle, in-line feeder/folders and specialty feeders. Allowing for configuring an ideal solution for your environment to yield the highest possible performance and application flexibility. The true in-line inserting approach allows for envelopes to feed in the same direction as the inserts and input channel, maximizing valuable floor space while improving operational workflows and efficiencies. Our NavigatorTM system controller combines all these latest technologies into a graphical user interface. Enabling dramatic improvements in usability, operator and system productivity, reporting statistics and overall system management.

Envelope Sizes: 4” x 7” (Min.) 10” x 13” (Max.)

Base Cycle Speed (Insertions/hr): 16,000 for #10 and 6” x 9” 12,000 for flats (base model only)