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2011 Seal N Shrink 1700A Tabletop Shrink Wrapping Unit – 120621023811

Model: 1700A (AIE-R18 L)
S/N: 201105030
Regular Price: $6,495.00
Easily Shrink Wrap 300-500 Packages Per Hour
Without a doubt, the Seal ‘N Shrink is our most popular shrink wrap system. Easily shrink wrap 300+ packages per hour in glistening shrink film. The Seal ‘N Shrink system performs as well as other systems costing thousands of dollars more. With a full line of innovative features, you will quickly appreciate the speed and convenience offered by this performance system. Everything is included in our system. You’ll get a smooth-as-silk shrink film dispenser, “L” bar sealer that seals and trims on two sides, and our simple-to-use shrink tunnel that produces beautifully wrapped packages.
Maximum Package Size: 17″ x 13″ x 5″

Compare these state-of-the-art Seal ‘N Shrink features:

  • Smoke-Free impulse sealing with self-compensation assures strong, tough seals with all films.
  • Unique energy-saving, convection shrink tunnel outperforms old fashion 220-volt bulky tunnels.
  • Runs on 110 volts for immediate use. No costly 220-volt wiring required
  • Designed for easy, Do-It-Yourself servicing… Plus friendly technical assistance always available.
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