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2011 Muller Martini Sigma 3-Knife Trimmer – 010423000850A

It is designed for the finishing of both offset- and digitally-produced books in a one-off, short-, or large-run workflow. It is the only fully-automated, true one-off 3-knife trimmer available in today’s market. This ultra-efficient digital book trimming system also boasts zero makeready for optimal one-off book production.

Bindery professionals whose books are currently being trimmed on multiple inline trimmers, nearline trimmers or flatbed cutters should take special notice. This inefficient workflow can be consolidated and efficiently processed through one SigmaTrimmer work center without any additional production planning effort and with considerable labor savings. Bound, untrimmed books of varying sizes and thickness can be fed into the SigmaTrimmer continuously without stopping to change parts or key in any data.

With the Sigma three-knife trimmer, book printers can cut books of different formats and thicknesses in quick succession, without interruption. The final format for each book is read with a barcode scanner during infeed and all settings are made automatically, which eliminates makeready time.

Trimmer Model: 1581.0401 (S/N: NN54877)
Transfer Belt Machine Number: 1583.0402 (S/N: NN54877)


  • Max speed 1,000 cycles/hr
  • Max untrimmed size 320x240mm
  • Min untrimmed size 154x108mm
  • Max book thickness 40mm
  • Min book thickness 2mm
  • Max Front trim 86mm
  • Min front trim 3mm
  • Max foot trim 75mm
  • Min foot trim 3mm

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