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2011 Horauf BDM Speed Case Making System w/ Board Cutter – 041723153003D

Model: BDM KS
S/N: 000844720010

Model:BDM Speed
S/N: 000743720010

The BDM Speed is a high speed case-maker with an output of 85 cases per minute, specially designed to meet the requirements of medium and large size companies, for the production of book cases with rigid or flexible spine, as well as one-piece cases for ring binders and letter files. This machine incorporates numerous digital servo drives for short, precise repeatable setup and adjustment of all critical settings. Operation The front and back boards are fed via a prepile belt into the hopper. Boards are then fed into the machine and registered by pushers to achieve perfect alignment with the cover material. The BDM Speed can be operated either with flexible spine from a roll or rigid spine fed from the board hopper. An optional modular in-line board cutter eliminates pre-cutting of board for cases with rigid center board. The cover material is transferred from the bottom of the non-stop feeder to the gripper cylinder for glue application. Board and cover materials are combined in continuous rotary motion, which guarantees bubble-free gluing. The combination is transferred via a belt mounted gripper transport into the head / tail folding and corner tucking station in intermittent motion. Flexible, rotary brushes make the folds of the cover material, from an upright position. During transport through the folding stations, the folds in the area of the thinner flexible spine are firmly pressed. The cases are then transported through the final pressing station for additional pressing. A counter stacker delivers piles of finished cases on to a roller conveyor and back to the operator.


  • Very short makeready
  • Adjustments on-the-fly
  • Unlimited job database
  • Digital servo drives ensure accurate, repeatable settings
  • All machine operations completely visible to operator
  • Highly reliable/versatile non-stop cover feeder
  • Precise board/cover register
  • Most easy fast changeover/cleanup
  • Ergonomic operating position
  • Extraordinary accessibility
  • Program updates/machine diagnostics via modem


  • Modular in-line board cutter
  • Equipment for producing one-piece cases (ring binders, letter files) and 2-piece cases (game boards)
  • Equipment for producing 3-piece cases (quarterbound)
  • Equipment for producing 4-piece cases (double center strip) for desk calenders
  • Inside lining with cold glue
  • Enlarged center strip over 100mm
  • Sheeter/combiner for processing cover material in roll form and for producing quarter-bound cases in one pass
  • Spine splicing unit

Short Make Ready

The BDM Speed offers very short changeover times with it´s automatic computer controlled size change. It is the ideal machine for todays medium and long run production.

High Speed

The BDM speed produces up to 85 cases per minute with consitent high precision. The machine is excelently suited for the production of medium and long runs. There are numerous options available for individual applications.

Visibility and Accessibility 

All machine operations are completly visible to the operator at floor level. The operator can permanently monitor the whole production, process which guarantees highest efficiency. All working stations are easily accessible for perfect maintenance.