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2011 Heidelberg Stahlfolder Perf/Slit/Score Machine w/ Pile Feed Paper Folder and Mobile Delivery – 013123134041D

2007 3 BUH-66

S/N: FH.ESBC.00402


2011 SSP-66

S/N: FH.EJD0-00262


2011 SAL-66

S/N: FH.DAl0-00252


The stream delivery SAL is a universal system that delivers single or multiple-ups and capable of processing a wide range of formats, product thicknesses and shapes. The in-feed height and the conveyor speed are adjustable precisely. Can be operated in conjunction with a CCT controlled Stahlfolder Ti machine.

Max Sheet Size: 26″ x 40″



3×400V, 50/60Hz