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2011 DigiBook Mitamax Section Gluing Machine – 112421021610

Section Gluing Machine Description

S/N: 301B-11

The mitamax is designed to build a book block consisting of any number of quarter-folded four-page sections printed on one side only, which are glued together. This type of book block preparation is required in particular for the production of digitally printed albums, photo books or board books for children in low quantities.

Any pre-determined number of quarter-folded sections, collated in proper sequence, are placed into a top loading bottom feeding horizontal hopper. The sections, taken singly from the feeder, are transported downwards passing a glue roller. All sections, except the first of each book, receive a full cold glue coverage on one side. The first section gets deflected from the glue applicator in order not to be glued, creating the separation of the individual book blocks. All sections arrive on the delivery table vertically, spine down, positively transported by a vacuum roller. An oscillating pressing plate presses each consecutive section, with the spine flush on the delivery table, to the previously glued sections. The result is a vertical pile of perfectly square-finished book blocks separated from each other by the first non-glued section. For better bonding it is recommended that individual piles of finished book blocks are passed through a separate press for a very short time. The machine is of straight-forward mechanical design, simple to operate and quick in size change. The number of sections per book block are set with a pre- selector counter and a totalizing counter shows the number of books per type which have been produced. The mitamax when in custom mode, can also produce special sizes and/or glue a cardboard sheet between the sections if pre-collated between the four pages.


  • Machine speed: up to 70 cycles / minute‍
  • Signature size / standard (lenght x width):
  • min. 150 x 150 mm (6″ x 6″)
  • max. 380 x 330 mm (15″ x 13″)
  • Electrics: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph‍
  • Power requirements: 2 kW‍
  • Machine dimensions: 1,100 x 1,000 x H = 1,500 mm‍
  • Machine weight: approx. 680 kg
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