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2011 Challenge EH-3 Hydraulic Three-Spindle Paper Drill – 041124425007A

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Model: CMC-391-11D

S/N: 115617

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The Challenge brand is well known for excellence in innovation, reliability and durability. The EH-3 model of paper drills have been the industry-standard for over 50 years, with over 60,000 units sold worldwide. The rugged steel and cast iron design of the EH-3 provides accurate drilling for years to come. Powerful hydraulic operation minimizes operator fatigue and results in consistent, clean holes. The taper-fit shank design ensures that our drill bits will seat centrally and securely into the spindle. The EH-3 can drill up to 25% more stock on every stroke with its standard 2-1/2″ drill bits. The EH-3 utilizes an automatic-return of the drilling heads as standard equipment, minimizing the contact between the drill bits and the drilling block. This allows for longer intervals between sharpening and longer bit life. The Challenge EH-3 proudly displays the UL label, providing added assurance of its quality and safety. Proudly manufactured in the US, the EH-3 continues the Challenge legacy of providing assurance you made the right decision!

Product Details

  • Features:
    • Powerful hydraulic operation
    • 2-1/2″/ 6.4 cm drilling depth
    • Fast and easy drill head adjustments
    • Adjustable backgauge
    • Automatic drill head return
    • Optional auto-trip side guide for specialty hole patterns
    • Adjustable outside heads
    • Drills up to three holes in a single stroke
    • Easy depth adjustment
    • Foot pedal activation
    • Front safety shield – provides a clear barrier between operator and drill heads