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2010 Swigraph AG R8-PVC Coil Binding Machine – 040822000057A

Model: R8-PVC

S/N: 9019

*Includes accessories shown in pictures*

The R8-Autobinder is composed of several modules, which work with “multi-length” PVC-coils. An Automatic PVC-coil binder for any pre-fab plastic spiral-coils of diameters 8 mm to 30 mm (5/16″ to 1 3/16″). Based on the same reliable R6-standard unit for metal wires, the R8-PVC uses pre-fabricated PVC-spirals (coils) which are automatically fed into the binder. This by using our multi-length continuous channel-feeder, for these lengths of spiral-coils. As Profi-In Line it is coupled directly with our SWI 50 coil-forming machine and its auto-feeder table.
Using coils of max. 1650 mm (65″) length in the channel-feeder, one achieves e.g. a yield of 7x “automatically bound” DIN A5 (8″) long spiralled booklets, coming from that single piece of coil. Booklets are also consecutively ejected on the exit-conveyor and transported to the packing station. Using this channel-feeder, the productivity for 120 sheets, DIN A5 (8”) sized bindings is around 500 pcs/hr. This increases substantially e.g. for smaller booklets and Ø’s, and also by using the auto-feeder directly In-Line from our SWI-50 forming-machine.

Since the market launch of the Profi-In-Line at DRUPA ’08, the machine was continuously developed, which gives SWIGRAPH today a worldwide leading position concerning diameters as well as productivity per hour.

for a couple of years the unit will be available on request coupled with our Autofeeder D-Tangler Jr.“. Also for the end of 2009 it is planned to deliver for present customers also, a retro-fit module for the R8-PVC Profi In-Line, which will lead to an increase of productivity of approx. 85-90%. The investment of an additional 30-35% to the original Profi In-Line module is thus justified by the nearly doubled productivity, resulting in a very lucrative “price-performance” ratio.

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