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2010 Fujifilm Acuity Advance Wide Format UV Printer – 101122081004C

Model: HYB172

S/N: 2703510

LCD Computer Screen – 2015 – (S/N: U3U153400762)

Fujifilm today announces the new Acuity F Series, which has specifically been designed for volume sign & display print service providers who have a high demand for rigid media. As the latest addition to Fujifilm’s Acuity platform, the device produces exceptional print quality at speeds of up to 155m2/hr, and is available as a 6-channel or 7-channel model.

The Acuity F Series maintains all the advantages of the popular and successful Acuity Platform, including near-photographic image quality, versatility and ease of use, but has been optimised for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications.

The Series’ true flatbed architecture supports the broadest range of rigid media, including irregularly shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut materials. It also allows for the production of multi-layered applications, double-sided or large prints over multiple boards in perfect register, and edge-to-edge printing.

A key feature of the Acuity F is the dual print zones, each with its own vacuum system which can be used independently to allow printing onto substrates of up to 3.05m x 2.5m, 50.8mm thick. Non-stop production is possible as one board can be staged while the other is being printed.

Designed for flexible productivity and for the first time on an Acuity, the device’s pneumatic registration pins means minimal operator involvement. These allow for quick loading in perfect register, as well as its high-flow vacuum system that can perfectly hold down any rigid media, including uneven substrates.

Finally, the Acuity F is equipped with an Automated Maintenance System (AMS) – a new feature in the Acuity range. The AMS cleans the device’s printheads in less than 25 seconds per colour, ensuring that the nozzles are clean and ready to print at any time, maximising productivity.

The Acuity F’s print performance is optimised by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb colour vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

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