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2009 Petratto Mini Metro SE-78 Folder / Gluer – 032024400006A

Model: SE 78

Type: 25

S/N: 0815S08


  • Straight line boxes
  • Bands
  • Simple folders
  • Envelopes
  • Photo holders
  • CD Wallet
  • Double-sided adhesive tape application

MINI METRO is a kind of “platform” machine that can carry out simple converting and printing jobs in connection with a feeder.

Thanks to its open and modular structure, it has a great flexibility, without the burden and the complexity of dedicated machines.

OPEN: its open rollers table structure allows to work easily with the maximum control from the operator.

MODULAR: its 1.3 metres long structure (being it independent and/or not) can be upgraded with other elements at any time to carry out further jobs (METRO), and makes it possible to install even special devices, such as feeders of unfinished products and cards, ink-jet customized systems, and so on.

FLEXIBLE: if so far you had carried out some operations or processed special applications manually, MINI METRO can be the right platform to automate all your requirements in a simple way.


  • Max. Size: 780 x 780 mm (1050 x 780 mm)
  • Min. Size: 60 x 60 mm
  • Paper weight: 90 – 600 g
  • Max. Speed: 200 m/min
  • Machine Dimension: 3 x 1,2 m
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