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2009 Duplo System 3500 Dynamic Booklet Maker w/ Duplo DC-445 Creaser – 072123245006A

Duplo DBM-350T
S/N: 090600927

S/N: 090600901

Duplo DC-445 Bridge Unit
S/N: 100955288

Duplo DC-445
S/N: 100854500

The DBM-350 is booklet maker with speeds of up to 3000 booklet per hour. With fully automatic and fast to setup, it is an extremely user- friendly and requires minimal operator training. This flexible booklet maker enables to operate various ranges of application both offset and digital. The DBM-350 offers an exceptionally productive and professional finishing solution with very reasonable cost.

  • Machine type: Floor type
  • Paper type: Fine quality paper 64 to 127.9gsm
    Art/Coated paper: 104.7 to 127.9gsm
    Cover sheet: 300 gsm
  • Paper size Length: 210 to 460 mm
    Width: 148 to 320 mm
  • Maximum processing speed: 3,000sets/h (within 10 sheets A4 saddle stitch/fold A5 finished) Stitching Capacity
  • No. of stitches: 0 to 2
    Stitch thickness within: 2.1mm
    Wire diameter: #25 to #28Folding Capacity Below 20 sheets
  • Dimensions including the belt stacker (DBM-350 only): 1,820(W)×650(D)×1,030(H) mm
  • Weight: 230 kg
  • Ratings: 120V, 60Hz, 1.5A / 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 3.5A
  • Options: Small Booklet-Kit, Corner Stitching-Kit


Prevent toner cracking and unattractive fold lines on documents with the Duplo DC-445 Paper Creaser. A simple and affordable finishing solution no digital printer should do without, the DC-445 creases a wide range of applications at up to 50 sheets per minute. Creasing digitally-printed output prior to folding ensures a clean, professional finish and makes it easier for folding devices to bend with accuracy. The DC-445 applies up to 15 creases in a single pass with great precision and is perfect for creating unique accordion applications and other color documents that require a fold right along the color break. Fully automatic and easy to use, the DC-445 is ideal for finishing short-run offset and digital applications including greeting cards, postcards, brochures, book covers, and more!  A number of optional features are also available to maximize its functionality. An air-knife provides additional air to improve feed consistency and reduce static problems while double-feed detectors stop the machine when two or more sheets are fed, thus preventing mis-feeds and paper jams. Additionally, slitting and perforating modules can be added to eliminate white borders and create perforated pieces. Up to three slitting and perforating modules can be installed for increased versatility.


  • Up to 15 creases in a single pass
  • Processes up to 50 sheets per minute
  • Fully automated set up
  • 3.9″ feed capacity
  • 30 memory settings
  • Top air-suction feeding system with optional air knife
  • Optional slitting and perforating modules available
  • No operator experience required


  • Feed Capacity: 3.9″ (100mm)
  • Input Paper Weight: 110 – 350gsm
  • Input Paper Size: 5.5″ x 5.9″ (140mm x 150mm) to 12.6″ x 25.6″ (320mm x 650mm)
  • Speed: 50 sheets per minute
  • Feeder Type: Air suction
  • Creases Up to 15
  • Job Memory: 30

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