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2009 Duplo DBM5000 Inline Booklet Maker w/ Trimmer, Duplo SCC, and DCM Kit – 122623000320A

Duplo DBM5000 Inline Booklet Maker
S/N: GBR277516

Duplo DBM-500T
S/N: 070900781

Duplo SCC
S/N: 070500412

Duplo DCM Kit
S/N: 070701261

Duplo redefined the word automatic with the introduction of the Duplo System 5000, the first finishing machine to deliver cutting edge technology at unprecedented speeds up to 5,000 booklets and 9,800 collated sets per hour.

Modular design – allows the System 5000 to be configured exactly to the user’s needs. For high-quality full-bleed books, the system can be configured with the DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer. Production can be further enhanced with the optional gutter cutter which processes 2-up applications up to 9,000 books per hour.

Features of the Duplo System 5000

– High production collating and bookletmaking
– Configures up to six DC-10/60 Pro Collators
– Produces up to 5,000 booklets an hour
– Collates up to 9,800 sets an hour
– Creates 25-sheet books
– 12 job memory positions
– Up to 60 collating bins
– Modular design, can add sheet-feeder for digital
– Hand feed for covers or pre-collated sections
– Suction feed with air management system copes with tricky papers
– Jogger for delivering sections for different finishing options
– Easy to follow touch screen control
– Continuous loading for non-stop operation
– Optional Three Knife Trim option
– Typical Applications of the System 5000
– A4/A5 booklets
– A3- A6 booklets
– CD books
– Magazines to 100 pages
– Reports
– Manuals
– Product brochures
– Catalogues
– Academic journals
– Loop stitch brochures