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2008 Duplo SCC Slitter / Cutter / Creaser – 081723228003C

Model: Duplo SCC
S/N: 080200383

The Duplo SCC is a unique product designed to enhance the productivity of Duplo near-line booklet-making systems using full breed digital color sets and mixed color and black and white sets. Part of Duplo system 5000 range, the SCC is an optional unit designed specifically for the digital color user. It is able to slit, cut and crease in a single pass, making the finishing of digital colour books simpler and faster than ever.

SLIT/CUT/CREASE & BY-PASS Length    6.69″ to 19.69″
Width     4.72″ to 12.59″
SLIT/CUT/CREASE Fine quality paper        30 to 110 lb.
Art/coated paper          24 to 110 lb.
BY-PASS Fine quality paper        16 to 32 lb.
Art/coated paper          24 to 40 lb.


Slit                60 sheets per minute

Cut  25 sheets per minute

Crease  60 sheets per minute

Slit + Crease  60 sheets per minute

Cut + Crease  25 sheets per minute

Slit + Cut       25 sheets per minute

Slit + Cut + Crease  25 sheets per minute

BY-PASS  A3  150 sheets per minute (subject to DSF-2000)

A4  200 sheets per minute (subject to DSF-2000)

CONVEYANCE SPEED  Paper infeed/outfeed and by-pass: 39.37″ to 59.06″ per second
SLITTING & CUTTING LENGTH Left & right  0.16 to 0.98”
FINISHED SIZE  Length  6.69” to 19.69”

Width  4.72” to 12.59”

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