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2017 Duplo DuBinder DPB-500 Perfect Binder – 111623325001A

S/N: 170800072

Perfect Binder Description

The high speed and precision engineering of the DPB-500 Perfect Binder makes it the most productive and cost-efficient perfect binder in its class. The fully automatic and single clamp design allows a speed of up to 525 cycles per hour. An easy-to-use touchscreen allows operators to quickly adjust, program, and save up to 20 different jobs. Its automation reduces set up time and cost, and requires minimal operator skills – making the DPB-500 ideal for short run and variable data productions.

Changing from one size to another is as quick and easy as a push of a button. Simply select one of the stored memories, load the book in the clamp, and press the size change key to initiate the process. The side glue wheels, scoring wheels, and cover positioning guide will automatically move into the desired position, according to the thickness of the loaded book. Once the size change is completed, covers can be loaded into the cover feed section which provides controls where the operator can make and verify any adjustments aligning it with the nipping section.

Designed for short to medium runs, and variable data productions
Quick and easy setup and changeover
Single-clamp, fully automated
Automatic book thickness detection for side glue and cover scoring

Maximum Book Size 14.17” x 12.6” (360mm x 320mm)
Minimum Book Size 4.72” x 4.72” (120mm x 120mm)
Maximum Cover Size 14.17” x 27.4” (360mm x 696mm)
Maximum Binding Thickness 2.01” (51mm)
Glue Warm-Up 30 minutes
Cycle Speed Up to 525 cycles per hour
Production Speed Up to 360 productions per hour