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2007 Triumph 5551-06 EP Paper Cutter – 021323144006A

The highly efficient and durable Triumph 5551-06 EP paper cutter has advanced technology systems, including front safety light beams, programmable “EP” back gauge control module, and LED optical cutting line. This control unit is capable of retaining 99 programs, with 99 steps per program, regularly used measurements, and is accurate to 1/10 of a millimeter or 1/100 of an inch. The cutter features hydraulic power, including a hydraulic cutting blade, adjustable hydraulic clamp drive, and precision swing-cut blade movement. The hydraulic clamp can be moved on both sides, putting pressure to the cutting width of the paper stock, up to 21-5/8 inches. This Ideal cutter’s hydraulic clamp is adjustable between 1,900 and 3,800 psi. The repeat cut function allows the user to store up to 9 repeat cuts in a program in one simple step. Measurements on the control unit for the back gauge are digitally displayed, and can be read in either centimeters or inches. This Triumph paper cutter is equipped with a false clamp, narrow separations, and plastic gliders to ensure that the user’s paper stock is not damaged and the blades make a precise cut. For those who prefer a manual clamp, the Triumph 5551-06 offers a foot-pedal for pre-clamping your paper stock. The durable stainless steel work surface and all metal construction, “SCS” safety features, and portable capability all make the Triumph 5551-06 EP the perfect solution for any personal or work-related paper cutting project.

Model: Triumph 5551-06 EP
S/N: 6212819

*Includes extra blades shown*

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