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2007 Tennant S8 28″ Cordless Sweeper – 031320075310

2007 Tennant S8 28″ Cordless Sweeper

S/N 233270

Sweeper Description

With no cord to trip over and a wide 28 inch sweeping path, the S8 battery sweeper is ideal for anytime cleaning, virtually anywhere.
High productivity and maximum versatility
Move from carpet to hard floors without stopping, and recharge anywhere there’s an electrical outlet.
Safe for almost any noise sensitive environment
The S8 also features an environmentally friendly gel battery, along with a low noise 65 dBA for cleaning without disturbing guests or employees.
High durability and low maintenance
With a steel frame, durable covers, and chrome-plated tubular handle, the S8 is built tough to clean even light industrial environments.

Sweeping SYSTEM
Cleaning path 28 inch / 710 mm
Hopper capacity 1.1 ft3 / 31.7 liter
Sweeping style Dust pan
Productivity (per hour)
Theoretical max 26,900 ft2 / 2,500 m2
Estimated coverage 13,650 ft2 / 1,268 m2
Battery type/power Gel / 12 volt
Run time 3 hours
machine specifications
Sound level (operator’s ear) 65 dBA

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