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2007 Polar PW-4ABV Pile Turner – 120821031050

The automatic POLAR pile turner PW-4 ABV is predominantly used for the medium-size format. This type of pile turner provides a high performance and short turning time, although it requires only little space. The pile to be turned is moved onto the platform which is then closed by pushbutton. Pressure control flaps prevent the pile from being clamped excessively and ensure that even damp printed sheets are handled with care. After that, the platform is moved to a horizontal position for being turned. After the manual turn the platform is again moved to a vertical position, before it is opened by pushbutton activation. Finally, the turned stack can be unloaded from the platform. The pile turner unloads the turned stack at the same position where it was taken up. In the horizontal position for turning, the pile can be tilted 15°. In this position the pile can be ventilated and aligned. Ventilation improves the climate in the pile, ensures faster drying of the printing ink and neutralizes the smell. The result is a much steadier production process. The air volume, as well as the speed of the nozzles can be adjusted invariably. An adjustable holddown clamp prevents sheets from “shifting upwards”. The vibration feature improves the quality of precisely aligned edges. Any damages or markings that cannot be avoided when the material is re-stacked manually are almost completely ruled out by automatic reversal. The POLAR pile turner PW-4 ABV needs no anchoring to the floor and can easily be taken to different locations of operation by means of a lift-truck.

Model: PW-4ABV

S/N: 77M4203


  • There are no long waiting times caused by manual re-stacking Saves the material and prevents damages
  • Possible risks arising in the subsequent production process can be reduced by precisely aligning the stacks and blowing out the printing powder
  • Shorter production time, because ink dries faster


  • Format max 800 × 1,200 mm 31.50 × 47.24 in
  • Size of platform 900 × 1,300 mm 35.43 × 51.18 in
  • Pile height, min. (incl. 2 pallets) 580 mm 53.74 in
  • Pile height, max. (incl. 2 pallets) 1,365 mm 2,205 in
  • Carrying capacity, max. 1,200 kg 2,646 lbs
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