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2007 MBO Paper Folder w/ UW Unwinder, Panel Sheeter SVC 520C, and Vertical Stacking Delivery – 090623290001B

Type: ASP 66 L – 2ME
S/N: 86 07 02 10
MBO ASP 66 Vertical Stacking Delivery

The ASP models are mobile and height-adjustable stream deliveries with an integrated pressing station, ideal for small to medium circulations. Due to the low marking risk this delivery is well suited for sensitive and freshly printed products. MBO ASP deliveries are easy to handle, clearly arranged and may be readjusted quickly and comfortably. These features make them perfect for frequent production line changeovers or for the application with fully automatic folding machines where the position of the delivery is often changed.


Integrated pressing station for better quality result
Marking device for batch counts
Continuous stream delivery for trouble-free production
Optional length extension with ASP66L
Large holding capacity by separate drives
Spreading of multiple-up streams facilitates removal/loading
Adjustable falling height between pressing unit and shingle belts


Working Width: Max 26″
Infeed Height: Min 15 3/4″ Max 37 3/8″
Pressure: 20,000 N
Speed: Min 98 Ft/Min Max 525 Ft/Min

 Type: FW-2-68/6
S/N: 83 06 01 07

Type: 850
S/N: 103/06

Panel Sheeter SVC 520 C
S/N: SST 1017.07-023

Features and Benefits:

  • Tight web, continuous driven roller path at infeed for superior web control
  • Easy to use, touch screen user interface panel on operator side
  • Large variable cutoff length range 4″-80″, for a wide range of final products
  • Memory for hundreds of jobs for recall makeready of repeat business
  • Integrated unit converter (inches/mm)
  • Infeed web assembly with driven rollers and shafts to guide the web into the sheeter
  • Infeed edge trim shafts with ejection tubes facing downward to be connected to the Customer’s waste evacuation system
  • Highly accurate, closed loop circumferential register control, +/- 0.010”
  • Register scanner assembly mounted on the infeed using a print mark on the web to keep the cuts accurately registered to the print
  • Window view function to read a print to cut register mark within a busy print area
  • Dual cylinder cutting design allows sheeting with, or without, a chip-out at the push of a button
  • Programmable chip out settings using the touchscreen HMI, allows removal of spit bars, print marks or bleeds
  • Waste chip evacuation chute conveniently located on drive side of sheeter for connection to customer supplied vacuum system
  • Top and bottom, belt driven exit assembly to pull the cut sheets away from the sheeting cylinders and speed up the sheet to create a gap after the cut
  • Swing down capability on exit assembly allows for ejection of sheets during start up and open access to clear jams quickly
  • Air supported paper flow to achieve controlled sheet transport
  • Quick change, durable, long life, square sheeting knives
  • Register mark detection capable from top or bottom side of web
  • Transformer 208V to 400V Transformer included for USA power requirements
  • Built in control interface connection to downstream modules

Unwind UW +52/520 D
S/N: E04.1.0001.681.07.1

The UW 52/520 Unwinder is a 20 inch unwinder with a 52 inch maximum roll capacity