2007 Komori LS840P, 8-Color Perfecting Press, 4/4 or 8/0, 28″ x 40″ – 85 million impressions

2007 Komori LS840P, 8-Color perfecting press, 4/4 or 8/0, Sheet size 28″ x 40″ – 85 million impressions

Perfecting Press Description

Complete with PQC-S console, Komorimatic dampening with Delta effect, PDC-S-Il Print Density Control Spectrophotometer, FAPC • Fully Automatic plate changers, KHS Pre-inking system, plate cocking, Fun AMR paper size and thickness preset, ABW Automatic blanket washer, AIRC – Automatic roller cleaners and AICC – Automatic impression cylinder washers, Vacuum Feeder board, powder spray, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Multi-zone ink temperature control with Polaris refrigeration, Sheet tabbing system built into the delivery, Komori Ink shelves on G.S,
Factory Raised 300mm (12″), Non stop feeder and deliver
Mechanical rated speed 15,000 I.p.h in straight and perfecting