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2007 Komori LS840P Perfecting Press

Complete with PQC-S console, Komorimatic dampening with Delta effect, PDC-S-Il Print Density Control Spectrophotometer, FAPC Fully Automatic plate changers, KHS Pre-inking system, plate cocking, Fun AMR paper size and thickness preset, ABW Automatic blanket washer, AIRC – Automatic roller cleaners and AICC – Automatic impression cylinder washers, Vacuum Feeder board, powder spray, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Multi-zone ink temperature control with Polaris refrigeration, Sheet tabbing system built into the delivery, Komori Ink shelves on G.S,

  • Factory Raised 300mm (12″), Non stop feeder and deliver
  • Mechanical rated speed 15,000 I.p.h in straight and perfecting