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2007 Duplo Slitter-Cutter-Creaser w/ DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder – 102122000673A

The Duplo SCC is a unique product designed to enhance the productivity of Duplo near-line booklet-making systems using full breed digital color sets and mixed color and black and white sets. Part of Duplo system 5000 range, the SCC is an optional unit designed specifically for the digital color user. It is able to slit, cut and crease in a single pass, making the finishing of digital color books simpler and faster than ever.

DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder (S/N: 070401448)

Duplo SCC Slitter Cutter Creaser (S/N: 071200409)

Duplo DCM Kit (S/N: 0712011989)

Process Speed: 3600 sheets/hour

Model/Type Slitter-Cutter-Creaser SCC
Machine Type Floor model
Paper type 【Process Path】
Fine Quality Paper
80.0 to 300.0 gsm
Art/Coated Paper
84.9 to 300.0 gsm
Fine Quality Paper
60.0 to 127.9 gsm
Art/Coated Paper
84.9 to 157.0 gsm
Paper size Length
170 to 500 mm
120 to 356 mm
Slitting Range
(Both edges are slit)
Front edge
4 to 25 mm
Rear edge
4 to 25 mm
Cutting Range
(Both edges are slit)
Lead edge
4 to 25 mm
Tail edge
4 to 25 mm
Maximum Process Speed 【Process Path】
60 sheets/min
25 sheets/min
60 sheets/min
150 sheets/min
200 sheets/min
Power Supply 120V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 120W, 1.4 – 0.6A
Dimensions Min
1,320(W)×610(D)×810(H) mm
1,320(W)×735(D)×810(H) mm

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