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2007 Duplo DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder – 102423282002C

Model: DSF-CF
S/N: 080700584

Model: DSF-5000
S/N: 071200953

Count: 6,362,401

Duplo DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder

High speed sheet feeding for all digital applications and pre-collated offset printed jobs.

The DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder introduces a new level of technology to the Duplo line of feeders. The new flagship DSF-5000 complement’s Duplo’s existing DSF-2000 Feeder. Designed for customers with higher production volume demands, it can process pre-collated digital or offset printed documents at a maximum production rate of 400 sheets per minute. It is ideal for customers with medium to high print volumes, those looking for faster turnaround times and more flexibility with paper sizes.

The DSF-5000’s feed reliability and dual Double Feed Detection system is unmatched in the industry. Utilizing both optical and ultrasonic sensors for unsurpassed double feed detection reliability gives the DSF-5000 the flexibility to feed a range of papers and applications that would not be possible with other sheet feeders.

Feeding System
– Belt suction feed system using a fan and pump
– Elevator feeder system

Maximum Paper Loading Capacity
– 24.02” (610 mm) maximum stack height

Paper Size
– Maximum length: 20.5” (525 mm)
– Minimum length: 8.5” (210 mm)
– Maximum width: 14.25” (364 mm)
– Minimum width: 4.75” (120 mm)

Paper Type
– Art/coated paper, laminated paper: 84.9 to 300 gsm, fi ne paper: 64 to 300 gsm

Buffer Capacity: 10 sheets depending on paper type

Processing Speed: Maximum 400 sheets per minute (A4 SEF) at transportation speed of 2,800 mm per second
* Exception when using end mark and barcode detection function
* When continuously feeding without intervals between sets
* Varies upon paper type

Conveyance Speed
– Paper type which can be conveyed at 2,800 mm per second: fine quality paper above 80 gsm, coated paper above 100 gsm
– Paper sizes which can be conveyed at this speed: A5 SEF, A4 (SEF/LEF), A3 (SR), LT, LD, CD. Conveys other paper sizes at speeds below 2,000 mm per second. The quantity of sheets in buffer is less than five sheets.

Control Panel:  Liquid crystal display unit with a jog dial (attached to the main unit), controls are through PC

Additional Functions: Hand feed (sheet and set); end mark detection (CCD sensor); anti-static bar (SIMCO)

Dimensions:  (WxDxH)54” x 46” x 32” main unit only 60” x 46” x 32” with ejection guide and IF/Box

Power Source: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 3 – 1.5A 300W

Weight: 638 lbs.

Power Source (I/F Box): AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption (I/F Box): 0.5A, 7W

Duplo Connectable Devices: DBM-500; DBM-500T; SCC; DKT-200