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2007 Bograma BSM450/220/15 Plus Flatbed Trimmer / Diecutter – 052622000238A

S/N: 288/07

*Includes accessories shown*

The Bograma BS Multi Servo Series Flatbed Trimmer/Diecutter will automatically cut, trim, hole punch, perforate and die cut thick products at a high rate of production. It is most commonly used as a multi-faced trimmer, or shape die cutter, for folded sigs, multi-up folded products, multi-upu stitched booklets and multi-up perfect bound books, but advertising supplements, instruction manuals, package inserts and calendars are also possible. The BSM can be configured to operate inline with stitchers, binders and folders or can be offline with its own feeding system. There are 2 different models to choose from (450 & 750) differing in the maximum size of the incoming piece. There are also options for standard and high cycle rates for increased production.


  • Front trim and blank separation down to smallest format of 35 x 35 mm
  • The “perfect spine” cutting system to Score perfect-bound pharmaceutical products creating excellent cut quality without damaging the adhesive binding
  • Standard maximum cycle times of up to 10,500 cycles per hour
  • Upgraded drive system to 12,500 cycles/hr for some applications
  • Inline and offline functionality
  • Multi-up production for small formats
  • Adjustable infeed
  • Top and bottom belt transfer system
  • Optional Tooling Choices:
  • Die cutting
  • Hole punching, WIRE-O and others
  • Head and foot trimming
  • Center bleed trimming or punching for multiple-up production
  • Corner rounding
  • Thumb, corner and various other types of perforation
  • Slitter knife
  • Stamping
  • Head and tail cutting
  • Pre-score knives