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2006 RipIt Speedsetter X2 Computer to Plate System – 121720123910

Also known as an imagesetter, this machine uses a laser to image press plates directly from computer files. Imaging at 2400 dpi and 175 lines per inch, the SpeedSetter is capable of imaging fine lines and screens 12″x8″.

Model: 300 x 2 

S/N: 201811


Virtual Drum Technology for consistent, accurate film.
10 m Laser Spot for maintaining detail at 150 to 300 Ipi screens
High output speed (SpeedSetter 300 x2 images a full 12.5″x 18.75″A3+ page in 2.4 minutes at 2400 dpi).
Laser Diode Light Source – solid state for high reliability
User Interface: Programmable,S key, four-row LCD display
Supply cassette for 200′ (60 M) bulk load or 165′ (50 M) daylight load film
15′ (3 M) take-up cassette included
True desktop size and weight – 25.2″ x 14.2″ x 14.5″; under 96 pounds
Compatible with RIPit’s OpenRIP· Offset Edition, Adobe· PostScript” 3’· interpreter.

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