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2005 Roll Systems Lasermax LX561 Cutter and LX568 Stacker – 113023312002B

Type: LX561
S/N: 05LX561023

Type: LX568
S/N: 05LX568011

  • Speed 450ft/min
  • Airshaft core 70mm diameter
  • Option-complete cutting line roll-2-stack
  • Made in Sweden
  • 208 V, 60 Hz, 10 A, 1200 W


Lasermax Roll System LX561 Cutter, for cutting the paper from the output of high-speed continuous digital printers. This cutter handles forms up to 18 long, in a broad range of basis weights down to 11 pound bond (40 gsm), at speeds up to 450 feet per minute.

It offers a number of features designed for system flexibility as well as ease of use. An interactive touch-screen display includes the LX500 Support System and makes the operator manual easily available on the display.

System also provides error detection with step-by-step instructions to guide in operator troubleshooting. Other ease of use features improve operator access. The cutter blade performs up to 22 million cuts between changes.

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