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2005 Printware PlateStream SC Platesetter Computer to Plate System – 072421093245

Printware PlateStream SC Platesetter Computer to Plate System w/ Rip Computer

S/N: EB6024

Computer to Plate System Description

The perfect commercial 2-up polyester solution Direct from the manufacturer and proven in thousands of installations, the Printware PlateStream SC ™ portrait format digital platesetting system is simple, compact and fully integrated. With its Color+™ registration system, an integrated plate processor, our scan to plate capability and professional PDF workflow, the PlateStream SC Color+™ is the perfect way to increase productivity and profits. Driven by EZrip™ workflow, goingdigital has never been so easy.

The SC is…

Cost Effective: Produces up to 40 press-ready plates per hour without waste.
Extremely Accurate: Its +/- 0.001”accuracy across four consecutive plates
assures tight press register and faster make ready times. (Note: Optimal results are
achieved by using Printware SilverStreamColor+™ polyester plates.)
Customized Plate Profiles:Intuitive press profiling system enables you to fine tune
your dot gain and line arization for press-ready plates.
Eliminates Waste: By using Printware’s exclusive 280′ or 394′ long rolls of
SilverStreamColor+™ plate material you will realize less waste for each roll
changeover than any other system and will be able to produce perfect cutto- size
Optional Integrated Tools: Press Accurate Digital Color Proofing, One-Touch
Scanning, In-RIP Trapping and In-RIP Imposition. Compatible with Printware
Professional PDF workflow and Perfect FileSM system.

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