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2005 Morgana Digicutter Ideal 5221-05 Paper Cutter – 041924000454A

Model: Ideal 5221-05

S/N: 2658831

The Ideal 5221-05EP DigiCut is a programmable guillotine designed with a hydraulic clamp. The DigiCut is perfect for trimming digital print jobs. It has a clamping pressure that is infinitely adjustable with optical indicator. It is equipped with a foot pedal which can be used for pre-clamping when trimming bound brochures or as a mechanical cutting line indicator. The DigiCut model has up to 9 repeat cuts that can be integrated into one single program step for easy and convenient use.


  • 20″ Cut
  • Hydraulic Clamp
  • Programmable
  • Guillotine Cutter
  • Cutting Length: 20.47″
  • Cutting Height: 3.14″
  • Narrow Cut: 0.86″
  • Table Depth: 20.47″
  • Automatic Clamping System
  • Dimensions: 42.71″ W x 33.66″ D x 49.80″ H
  • Electrical: 120V/1 Phase/60 Hz/16Amps