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2005 FujiFilm Dart Luxel T6000 Computer to Plate System – 022223147006A

Model: PT-R4300 (S/N: 659)
Model: 2016 EP-B101 (S/N: 3216)

Computer to Plate System Description

With the same advanced optical and clamping systems found in our 8-page Javelin thermal platesetter, Fujifilm’s new Dart thermal platesetter brings superior speed and functionality to the task of producing plates for 4-page presses. High-speed drum rotation of up to 1000 rpm, combined with the 32-channel laser diode exposure head make it possible to output up to 16, 4-page plates per hour. Dart’s flexibility allows for a wide variety of jobs. It outputs at multiple resolutions from 1200 to 4000 dpi, and automatically adjusts to many different plates sizes, even punching them with your choice of an optional plate punch system.

The Dart can be configured for fully automatic, continuous operation with the optional T-6000 AL single cassette autoloader and the T-6000 Conveyor processor bridge, and plates can still be loaded manually. One cassette can hold up to 100 plates. Fujifilm’s automatic plate loader features an interleaf removal system. The system automatically routes paper to the disposal bin, and plates to the platesetter. Since plates are vacuum-gripped from the back for transport, there is no risk of scratching.

Computer to Plate System Features

• Fast output speed –16 4-up plates/hr at 2400 dpi.
• Medium sized 3223/32″ x 2513/32″ 4-up format.
• Automatic drum balancing enables recording of different plate sizes with no manual adjustments.
• Six resolution levels from 1200 to 4000 dpi to fit a wide variety of jobs.
• Fully-automatic, continuous operation with optional single-cassette auto-loading and processor bridge.
• Optional punch block configurations for a variety of plate sizes and press configurations.
• Compact design.

Computer to Plate System Specifications

RECORDING SYSTEM • External drum
RESOLUTIONS • 1200 dpi • 2438 dpi • 2000 dpi • 2540 dpi • 2400 dpi • 4000 dpi
REPEATABILITY • ±5 microns (±0.2mil.)*
LIGHT SOURCE • 32 channel infrared LD,
1 W per channel
PLATE SIZE • Minimum: 1211/16″ x 151/2″
• Maximum: 3223/32″ x 2513/32″
EXPOSURE SIZE • Maximum: 3223/32″ x 2413/64″ (with front and rear margins of 19/32″ each)
MEDIA • Thermal plates (830 nm infrared sensitive)
MEDIA THICKNESS • 6 to 12 gauge (0.15 to 0.3mm)
IMAGING TIME • 31/2 minutes per 1813/32″ x 151/2″ plate at 2400 dpi**
PLATE TRANSPORT • Semi-automatic (standard) • Fully-automatic (optional)
CASSETTE CAPACITY • Optional single-cassette auto-loader
holds 100 plates
PUNCH (OPTIONAL) • Heidelberg, Komori, and others
ENVIRONMENT • Recommended: 70˚F to 77˚F • Operating range: 64˚F to 77˚F • 40% to 70% non-condensing
DIMENSIONS • Main unit:
6829/32″W x 4019/32″D x 4613/32″H
• Blower unit:
1629/32″W x 2319/32″D x 1413/64″H
POWER REQUIREMENTS • Single phase 200-230V ±10%
3.0kW 15AMP
OPTIONS • T-6000 AL Single-cassette auto-loader • T-6000 Conveyor

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