2005 Duplo Booklet Making System w/ 400T Trimmer, 20-Bin System 5000 Collator, 10-Bin System 4000 Collator, and DBM-400 Stacker – 062124478005A

Duplo Trimmer DBM-400T (S/N: 010701302

Duplo Sticher Folder DBM-400 (S/N: 000502875)

Duplo Lifting Unit LUL-HM (S/N: 000400031)

Duplo Collator DC-10/60 (S/N: 050300051)

Duplo Collator DC-10/60 (S/N: 050200221)

Duplo Collator DC-10/60 (S/N: 000500110)

Duplo Lifting Unit LUR (S/N: 041200876)

Duplo DBM-400STR Stacker (S/N: 050201449)

Booklet Making System Description

When it comes to high speed and ease of operation, nothing compares to the Duplo System 4000. This new vacuum-feed collating and bookletmaking system offers professional printing operations a complete finishing solution designed to maximize productivity throughout the finishing process.

Comprising a heavy-duty collator, dynamic bookletmaker, face trimmer and precision stacker, the System 4000 is capable of producing up to 4200 booklets or 10,000 collated sets per hour, and features the industry’s finest state-of-the-art feed system. In addition, its vertical design, modular styling and ability to handle a variety of paper types, sheet sizes and weights demonstrate superb versatility.

Features of the Duplo 5000

  • High production collating and bookletmaking
  • Configures up to six DC-10/60 Pro Collators
  • Produces up to 5,000 booklets an hour
  • Collates up to 9,800 sets an hour
  • Creates 25-sheet books
  • 12 job memory positions
  • Up to 60 collating bins
  • Modular design, can add sheet-feeder for digital
  • Hand feed for covers or pre-collated sections
  • Suction feed with air management system copes with tricky papers
  • Jogger for delivering sections for different finishing options
  • Easy to follow touch screen control
  • Continuous loading for non-stop operation
  • Optional Three Knife Trim option

Applications of Duplo 5000

  • A4/A5 booklets
  • A3- A6 booklets
  • CD books
  • Magazines to 100 pages
  • Reports
  • Manuals
  • Product brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Academic journals
  • Loop stitch brochures

Booklet Making System Specifications

    • Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 4.73” x 5.51” to 13.82” x 14.41”
    • Paper Capacity: Up to 30 sheets**
    • Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 4.5” x 6.6” to 14” x 20”
    • Paper Capacity: Up to 25 sheets**
    • Speed: Up to 4,200 sets per hour*
    • Detection: Jam and misfeed
    • Number of Stitcher Heads: 1-4 (2 standard) Hohner heads
    • Stitch Positions: Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only)
    • Programmable Memory Settings: 8
    • Automatic Functions: Stitcher heads, back jogger, side guides, stitch stopper, fold stopper and fold-back stopper positions
  • Power Requirements: 120V 60Hz 8A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 57” x 27” x 36”
  • Weight: 640 lbs.

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