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2004 Screen Plate Rite 4100 Computer to Plate System – 061920101540

2004 Screen Plate Rite 4100 Computer to Plate System

S/N 374

Computer to Plate System Description

Screen’s PlateRite 4300 and PlateRite 4100 are specially designed to provide optimal versatility in plate production for 4-page and 2-oage presses. The PlateRite 4300 is a high-speed model that can comfortably and consistently output up to 20 plates per hour when working with 724×65 MM (28.5″ X 24.2″) plates at 2,400 dpi.
The PlateRite 4100 is an affordable entry-level solution that offers the same high-quality features as the PlateRite 4300, and provides output at up to 10 plates per hour. Both models have a proven external-drum design and come with the option of inline punching blocks to help ensure perfect on-press register and faster make-ready times.

Plate transport
Automatic, but requires manual removal of interleaf paper
Cassette capacity
50 plates (same size only)
Cleaning function
Cleaning roller (cleans both sides of plate)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
1,260 x 1,335 x 1,031 mm (49.6″ x 52.6″ x 40.6″)
Installation dimensions (W x H)
1,300 x 1,100 mm (51.2″ x 43.3″)
Main unit approx. 150 kg (330 lbs.), Carrier 48 kg (106 lbs.)
Single phase 200 to 240V +6%/-10%, 50/60 Hz, 5A, 1.0 kW
(to comply with local regulations)
Same as main unit
Standard accessories
Plate cassette with cassette carrier

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