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2004 Renz AutoPunch AP 360 Paper Punch – 052323208005A

Type: AP 360/V4
S/N: 22024

The Renz AP 360 automatic punching system offers a high quality and very productive punch with easy set up. With the ability to change format without additional tools it’s operator friendly. The compact design of the machine means it is space saving and easy to move as it is on wheels. Ideal for small, medium or extremely large runs. The two finger pick up system means sheets are picked up gently and there is an option of an air blower to aid the pick up. Once punched, sheets are rotated to maintain the correct order they were fed in.



155 cm (H) x 75 cm (W) x 200 cm (L)

690 kg

Adjustment by hand wheels (ca. 5-10 min) per touch screen (ca. 2-3 min)
Punching thickness max. 3,5 mm max.
Loading 2 lifting tables, ca. 400 mm max. loading height lift (paternoster) – continious running
Punching speed 40 – 100 strokes per minute
Min. sheet size 100 x 85 mm 100 x 85 mm
Max. sheet size 360 x 360 mm 360 x 360 mm

Connection: 220/240 V, 50Hz or 60 Hz, 2 kW

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