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2004 Paragon Inkjet Base w/ Adphos Dryer – 102323304014A

2007 Adphos NIR120
S/N: 2575/3604/08

Paragon S/N: 081442024PM

With adphosNIR® inkjet drying systems, you are assured greater productivity and throughput on even the most demanding of water based inkjet applications including those on high gloss, overcoated and temperature sensitive substrates. adphosNIR® inkjet drying systems deliver the energy you need, where you need it by utilizing near-infrared technology which focuses the energy on the ink and not on the substrate resulting in less curl and easier to run and handle substrates. Additionally adphosNIR® drying systems minimize air flow which reduces downtime through improved paper handling. Greater productivity is also achieved with tool-less module positioning and lamp replacement.

To accommodate a variety of different printhead widths, adphosNIR® systems come in various standard drying sizes and can be mounted on sheetfed or web based transports for in-line, near-line, or off-line inkjet applications. With a small footprint and the ability to mount the drying modules in any position, adphosNIR® systems offer the utmost in configurable options to change and grow with your business.

Reduced Operating Costs
Depending on your requirements, adphosNIR® inkjet drying systems can reduce your electrical expenditures for inkjet drying by more than 70 % because NIRxx-systemsare utilize ultra efficient adphosNIR® energy and a patented reflector system with reflects > 98 % of the energy to where it is needed.

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