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2004 MBO B118 Pile Feed Paper Folder w/ 8pg Unit and Roll-Away Delivery – 030124372002B

Retail Price: $25,000.00

Type: B118-2-18/4
S/N: V10/67

Type: SE460-DC
S/N: U10/56

Type: B118-2-18/3
S/N: V10/67

Type: B118-1-18/3-P
S/N: V07/25

Paper Folder Description

New pile feeder, especially developed for this range of sheet size. Sensitive pile height control through micro-switch at the end of pile. Optimized sheet separation, in particular through the frontal air blast by air tube as well as two side blowers in connection with the micro-switch at the end of pile. Air support through maintenance-free turbo type air pump.

Micro-Processor Control MS Main control panel with raised MS control. The microprocessor control MS simplifi es and reduces set-up times. The sheet is measured without input of length, path or times and, depending on the sheet size, the suction lenght and the sheet gap are determined and adjusted. Two sheet infeed systems are available: • Photocell control • Impulse control An error display as well as a multi-functional batch counter are integrated into the control system. Through a linkage to the MBO DATAMANGER, it is possible to combine superior systems of operational- ans set-up data. Through CIP 3-4 or JDF, for the integration into a digital workflow.

Buckle plates/Sheet deflectors Stainless steel, non-marking buckle plates with fine adjustment for the sheet stop, and swing deflectors on the buckle plates. One-man operation is possible due to the clamping levers being positioned at the operator‘s side.

Spiral fold rollers MBO spiral fold rollers – the perfect solution for best grip and low noise. No marking on sensitive papers and prints. The inclusion of quality-built MBO fold roller quick-setting elements provides optimum operator-friendly operation.

Belt drive system Extremely quiet running, maintenance-free and long life – the MBO belt drive system throughout the entire machine combines effi ciency with quality. More than 100,000 units prove it.

Slitter shafts with plug bearings 30 mm Ø in all units. Allows various special devices such as gully cut, edge trim, etc. Time-saving make-ready as the slitter shafts are quickly removable through the plug bearings and may be adjusted to the paper thickness by the quick-setting elements.

Paper Folder Specifications

Feeder F460 min. 10.5 x 10.5 cm (4 1/ 8 x 4 1/ 8 ”) min with VACUSTAR 10.5 x 15.0 cm (4 1/ 8 x 6”) max. 46.0 x 66.0 cm (18 x 26”) Working widths Folding unit I 46.0 cm (18”) Folding unit II 46.0 cm (18”) Folding unit X 46.0 cm (18”) Number of buckle plates Folding unit I 4 buckle plates Folding unit II 4 buckle plates Minimum folding length 3,2 cm (1 2/ 8 ”) Maximum folding length Folding unit I · Buckle plate 1 and 2 46.0 cm (18”) · Buckle plate 3 and 4 34.5 cm (13 1/ 2 ”) Folding unit II · Buckle plate 1-4 34.5 cm (13 1/ 2 ”)

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