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2004 JBI Wire-O Bind 3500 Automated Wire Binder – 062123232001A

Model: WOB 3500
Series: 2
S/N: WOB2004


When you buy the James Burn Wire-O® Bind 3500 semi-automatic wire finishing machine online for your on-demand print shop or in-plant operations, you will be able to provide the perfect blend of automatic and manual operations to speed up production, while saving your business money on investment costs into fully automatic equipment. Many people in the industry call this the WOB 3500 (pronounced “wawb 3500″), and it offers binding speeds on average from 500 to 1,000 books per hour, with most operators easily achieving about 800 documents per hour*. This industrial wire binding machine is compatible with the full range of Wire-O® binding spools including 3:1 pitch from 1/4″ to 9/16″, as well as 2:1 pitch from 5/8″ to 1 ¼”, which means it can handle books up to about as thick as 1 ⅛”, which is equal to about 260 sheets* of paper. It is very versatile, easily handling mixed paper stock documents with flush and over-sized covers, and even extended index tabbed sheets.

The Wire-O® Bind 3500 is simple to operate and features a touch-screen control panel that walks you through the initial setup and wire size changes quickly. There is no special training or experience required for your operators, meaning anyone on your staff can quickly begin using this machine upon delivery. The automatic functions of this machine include wire cutting, wire feeding, wire positioning (for the operator to then insert the punched documents onto the wire), wire transport, and wire closing. The closing unit is patented and offers perfect Wire-O® finishing, which ensures your clients will be impressed by the finished quality and keep coming back to you for future jobs. Cycles are initiated by the operator using either a push-button or a foot pedal, which means the machine will not run too slow or too fast for your individual operator’s needs. Loading the wire spools is simple too, as it is done at floor-level, so you don’t have to lift a heavy or awkward spool high up to install; the spool is power-lifted into place and is ready to use once you place the beginning of the wire into the feed guide.

Add the optional calendar hanger unit which will place individual calendar hangers into your wires after it cuts and places the wire in front of your operator. This optional add-on unit is plug-and-play, meaning all you have to do is hook it up and it automatically does the work. It will handle calendar hangers up to 10″ wide, and works perfectly in conjunction with the skip binding feature of the WOB 3500. If you want to use calendar hanger spools instead of individual hooks, you can also add the hanger spool holder kit.

The Wire-O® Bind 3500 by James Burn is also mobile, mounted onto smooth rolling castor wheels that can quickly be locked or unlocked to move the machine wherever it needs to be in your shop. It makes the perfect wire finisher to pair with your Alpha-Doc® MK4, DocuPunch® PLUS, or other automatic binding punch machine. It features a work table surface that is large enough to allow your operators comfort without clutter, but still features a rather small footprint to take up minimal space on your shop floor.


• Semi-Automatic Operation: Automatic wire cutting, feeding, positioning, and closing. Manual document inserting onto the open wire
• Patented closing station for perfectly finished books
• User-friendly touch screen for quick setup and instantly adjusting all size and format functions
• Size and color changeovers can be done less than 5 minutes
• Output rates of up to 1000 books per hour*, with average rates at about 800
• Capable of finishing full range of Wire-O® spools (3:1 and 2:1 pitch from 1/4″ to 1 ¼”)
• “Skip Binding” setting combined with an optional hanger feeder allows for automatically-inserting calendar hangers
• Capability to finish flush cut covers, overhanging covers, and extended index tab sheets
• Two cycle-activation options for user-preference (push-button or foot petal)
• Installation of the WOB 3500 is simple and rolling castors allow for easy placement


Binding Style Wire-O Binding
Operation: Binding Electric
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Spools (3:1 and 2:1 pitch, up to 1 ¼”)
Optional Conveyor (Item# 04JBWIREOCON) or Reception Bin (Item# 04JBWIREOREC)
Optional Calendar Hanger Feeder for up to 10″ Loose Hangers (Item# 04JBWOCHK10)
Optional Calendar Hanger Spool Holder Kit for up to 10″ Spooled Hangers (Item# 04JBWOSHK10)
Power Voltage 110v Single Phase 60Hz
Castors Yes
Dimensions 83” W x 33” D x 46 ½” H
Punch & Bind Capability Binding Only
Setup Time Less than 5 Minutes
Die Change Time Less than 5 Minutes
Paper Size 2 ½” x 3 ¼” up to 14″ x 14″
Accepted Paper Type No Stock Limitations
Selectable Speeds Dependent on Operator (Foot Pedal or Push Button Cycles)
Speed* Up to 1,000 Documents per Hour
Control Panel Digital LCD Touch Pad
Control Panel Notifications Wire Feed Jam, Cover Open, Emergency Stop
Hands-Free Operation No
Monthly Volume / Duty Rating Continuous Use (Monthly Volume Dependent on Operator and Shifts)
Special Training Required No Special Training Required
Product Weight (lbs) 637