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2004 Heidelberg StahlFolder B20 4/4 Continuous Feed Paper Folder w/ 8pg Unit and Mobile Delivery – 376062

Model: 1220E-4-C-3 S/N 123E030001

Model: 1220E-4-8PG-2 S/N 121RG0038

Folding, as a manufacturing process, requires a high degree of reliability at high production speeds in order to keep your business profitable. Speed can also mean the speed of makereadies, which is especially crucial for short runs. Fast set-up features such as Zero Makeready Buckle Plates with paper stop fine adjustments can mean the difference between minutes and seconds on any given makeready.

Reliability means consistent feeding and the ability to hold true register. The automatic pile feeder of the USA B 20 and side guide enables you to hold register every time.

Quality is a given. High quality manufacturing and engineering translates into high quality for your folded products.

With unique quality features such as high grip fold rollers on your Stahlfolder USA B 20, you will have no concerns regarding the fold quality. Products are folded mark-free and with high precision for straight folds, perforations and scores.

Heavy-duty construction for delicate results. Solid side frames and sealed bearings add stability and provide the solid platform for life long performance. The USA B 20 can handle folds of thin or thick stock, simple or complicated folds, creating the precision that you want on your new folder now and down the road.

The Stahl B20 folder is a unique and versatile folding machine, capable of folding paper measuring from 5.5″ x 8.5″ to 20″ x 28″. With hundreds of configurations, parallel or right angle folds, this Heidelberg is ready to get all of your projects done.


  • Sheet Size Max: 20″ x 33″ Min: 4″x 6″
  • Min Fold Length: 1.5″
  • Folding Speed Max: 8,000 ipm or 200 m/min