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2004 Heidelberg Printmaster PM 52-2 Two Color Offset Printer – 070122000321A

S/N: RS-000129

Max. Paper Length: 52cm

Max. Paper width: 36cm

  • Two color straight offset Printing machine Heidelberg Printmaster PM 52-2 Plus
  • Plusversion without Numbering Tools
  • Vacuum feed board
  • Photo electronic side lay control
  • CP-Tronic
  • Segmented inking
  • Quick action plate with plate punch and bender
  • Easyplate with platebender
  • All-color alcohol dampening with Technotrans refrigeration
  • Ink roller washing device
  • Blanket wash device
  • Powder sprayer Grafix ALPHATRONIC 200
  • Cito system for perforation