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2003 Screen PlateRite 8000II Thermal Plate Recorder w/ RIP Computer – 092623276005A

Model: PT-R8100
S/N: 399

Model: BU-800
S/N: 810139

Thermal plates are well known for their consistency and quality. And with the thermal PlateRite series, you can output them fast. When imaging 1030 x 800 mm (40.6” x 31.5”) plates at 2400 dpi, the PlateRite 8000II can output 13 plates per hour. Or, if you need extra speed, the PlateRite 8600 will comfortably run at 20 plates per hour. Both platesetters are supported by Screen’s full range of automation options.

There’s no better way to use the full capacity of your pressroom than to achieve high plate output with reliable thermal plates. And the PlateRite 8000II/8600 can do this even for pressrooms that use multiple plate sizes. Both models can output plates for most presses in the B3 to B1 range. The minimum plate size is 500 x 370 mm (19.6″ x 14.5″)* and the maximum is 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6″ x 37″). They can handle plates as thin as 0.15 mm (5.9 mil) and as thick as 0.3 mm (11.8 mil). If you need to output plates for multiple presses in this range, you owe it to yourself to look at the PlateRite 8000II/8600.

The thermal PlateRite series is constructed with a reliable external drum design. This makes it possible for the drum to spin at high speeds with the imaging head positioned close to the surface of the plate. Easy maintenance of the imaging head is another key advantage of this design. Individual laser diodes can be replaced as required.

The PlateRite 8000II/8600 features an advanced automatic plate-clamping system. A powerful vacuum-clamping system works in combination with secure leading edge and trailing edge clamps to provide outstanding reliability. This ensures consistent imaging quality and fast makeready times.

The PlateRite 8000II/8600 supports the use of 8-mm clamps as well as common 12-mm clamps. Most web offset presses require smaller clamp sizes to ensure that the maximum imaging area is made available. By supporting 8-mm clamps the PlateRite 8000II/8600 is able to cover the requirements of both web and sheet offset presses.

Thanks to this auto-balance system, no manual adjustments are required for drum balance when switching to a different sized plate. All you need to do is select the plate size from the display menu and the auto-balance system automatically optimizes the balance of the recording drum.

Screen’s automatic inline punching system is the industry leader for enabling perfect register on press. It does this by performing the two types of punching (for press and platesetter registrations) at the same time, immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. This method gives much greater accuracy compared with either manual or off-line punching. It also eliminates human error and achieves faster press makeready. Up to eight punch blocks can be mounted and selected according to plate size and press type.


Max.plate size 790×1030 mm; 64×88 mm; 500×700 mm
Min. plate size 370×450 mm
Productivity/Speed 13 plates/h
Power consumption 4.0 Kw – 25A

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