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2003 PBS 3000 Automatic Coil Inserter – 110919111425

2003 PBS 3000 Automatic Coil Inserter

S/N 4004

Coil Inserter Description

The PBS 3000 QS Auto Inserter is a low maintenance automatic coil inserter and finishing system. It is capable to accept pre-cut lengths of coil and insert into the pre-punched book with instantaneously crimps on both ends. The 3000 QS features a high productivity volume, processing up to 600 books per hour. The easy and quick setup operation requires no changeover with limited basic setup. The machine needs very little maintenance, where it doesn’t require an expensive service warranty. For easy transportation, the finish system display mounted on casters that can be locked in place. Have other Plastikoil coil manufacturing and automated insertion machine? The 3000 QS interlined perfectly to create the ultimate, one stop work station.

Coil Inserter Specifications

Power Supply: 110 V OR 220 V Single phase CE Compliant
Compressed Air required: 80 psi @ 2 cfm
Dimensions: 36″W x 24″D x 42″H
Weight: 190 lbs.
Part Number: PBS-3000QS