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2010 Duplo DPB-500 Pur Perfect Binder w/ Nordson Durapail Bulk Melter & Jet Dust Collector DC650 – 051823207003A

2011 Durapail 8119506
S/N: LU11F02824

Duplo DPB-500PUR
S/N: 090300136

Jet Dust Collector DC-650M
S/N: 13013929

Duplo DPB-500PUR

The single-clamp Duplo DPB-500 PUR Perfect Binder is ideal for binding books printed on digital and coated stocks. The PUR glue provides a high pull-strength, ensuring each page is firmly bound and can be opened flat without any risk of page detachment.

The closed tank system offers huge cost and productivity benefits compared to open-tank systems as it does not require draining after each session which incurs wasted material and downtime. Just like Duplo’s standard-adhesive DPB-500 Perfect Binder, it runs at speeds of up to 525 cycles an hour and is capable of binding a wide range of materials.

Designed for short to medium runs, and variable data productions
PUR binding for digital and coated stocks
Quick and easy setup and changeover
Single-clamp, fully automated
Automatic book thickness detection for side glue & cover scoring

  • Maximum Book Size 14.17″ x 12.6″ (360mm x 320mm)
  • Minimum Book Size 4.72″ x 4.72″ (120mm x 120mm)
  • Maximum Cover Size 14.17″ x 27.4″ (360mm x 696mm)
  • Maximum Binding Thickness 2.01″ (51mm)
  • Glue Warm-Up 15 minutes
  • Cycle Speed Up to 525 cycles per hour
  • Production Speed Up to 280 productions per hour

2011 Durapail 8119506

Nordson DuraPail bulk melters are designed to provide simple, low-maintenance application of hot melt adhesives, sealants and butyls from 20-liter and 5-gallon pails. Production flexibility is achieved through use of a gear pump with a choice of preset speeds for the AC motor. Many standard features, such as manual pressure control and blow-off valves, simplify daily operation and maintenance, helping increase your productivity. Choices of platen surfaces and gear pumps give DuraPail bulk melters the flexibility to meet varied production demands. DuraPail bulk melters only melt the top surface of adhesive, allowing the remaining material in the pail to stay solid. This reduces thermal stress on temperature sensitive materials and protects the bonding characteristics. Two melt platen surfaces are available; the axially-finned structure provides high melt rates while the smooth surface is ideally suited for processing moisture-cure, reactive hot melts. Strong pneumatic pistons lower the melt platen into the pail with adjustable force. A selection of gear pumps are available to meet individual application needs and adhesive properties. A graphical, touch-screen control panel simplifies programming and displays system status. The versatile control panel provides programming by either the keypad or arrow keys.


■ Dual-hose/gun configuration allows supply of two independent applications from a single bulk melter.
■ Seven-day clock automates heater start-up and shutdown.
■ Four additional temperature channels provide accurate temperature control as needed for spray guns, air heaters and other equipment.
■ DuraPail bulk melters use standard Nordson hoses and guns. Accessories
■ Exhaust hood draws odors away from operators during pail changes.
■ Warning light tower allows observation of unit status (on/ready/ drum empty/faults) from a distance.


Approximate weight (empty) 340 kg (750 lb)
Voltage 240 VAC 3 phase 50/60 Hz 400 VAC 3 phase 50/60 Hz
Wattage 9 kW
Pail diameter 280 or 286 mm (11 or 11.3 in)
Temperature sensor Ni 120
Protection IP54


  • Width 1180 mm (46.5 in)
  • Depth 540 mm (21.3 in)
  • Height (platen down) 1268 mm (49.9 in)
  • Height (platen up) 1670 mm (65.7 in)

Jet Dust Collector DC-650M

JET Model 650 dust collectors hook up to 1 to 3 machines at a time for optimum dust cleaning. Each 650 series dust collector comes equipped with a quick-install collection bag, single-stage design for economical and quiet operation, 4 casters for maneuverability and total portability, and permanently lubricated, fully enclosed, fan-cooled motors for continuous duty. An optional remote control is radio frequency so there is no need for line of sight to turn the machine on and off.
  • Hook up one to three machines for optimum dust cleaning
  • Includes four casters for maneuverability and total portability
  • Permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors are rated for continuous-duty
  • Quick-install collection bag makes emptying and re-attaching a snap
  • Single-stage design for economical and quiet operation
1-Hose Connection Diameter (In.) 4
Air Flow @ 4″ (CFM) 650
Bag Diameter (In.) 14
Collection Bag Capacity (Cu. Ft.) 2-1/10
Collection Bag Length (In.) 21-1/2
Efficiency (Micron) 5
Impeller Material Steel
Motor Amps 11/5.5
Motor Power (HP) 1
Prewired Voltage (V.) 115
Prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Sound Rating (Db.) 65 – 70
Static Pressure (Wc.) 6-1/2
Style (Type) Bag

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