2002 Multiton Corp. Swift EMB-62 2,000lb Capacity Walk-Behind Straddle Stacker – 053024399010A

Model: EMB 62

S/N: 09MC02021363102

The new Swift is an electric stacker with a capacity of 2,000 lbs. to the full lifting height of 62.5″. The Swift is available in both, the Fork Over and the Straddle Leg version. Not only constructed for a warehouse, it is the ideal tool to lift a variety of objects. You can use it in a grocery or repair shop. Thanks to its innovative design, the new Swift requires only limited space and provides a unique blend of advantage.

The discharge monitor deactivates the fast speed function when the voltage is low to prevent exhaustive discharge.
– When the control shaft is released, a gas pressure spring causes it to be pushed into the upper position.

The multi function handle head with exemplary ergonomics provides optimum operator comfort and safety. The operating buttons for lifting/lowering and horn can be reached without hand changes.

Drive Motor:
0.3 kW permanent magnet motor with shunt wound characteristics. Motor protection circuit for terminal overload. Power transmission via two-stage gear unit with high efficiency. Grease lubrication.

The sturdy single mast permits optimum visibility conditions

Drive wheel:
Standard Polyurethane tires. Drive wheel dia. 9.06″ x 3.15″ wide. Caster Fork Over dia 5.91″ x 1.97″ wide; Straddle Legs dia. 5.51″ x 1.97″ wide, spring loaded, springing 0.59″.

Load wheels:
Easily replaceable Polyurethane tires dia. 3.35″ x 2.76″ wide.

By means of long, low slung safety handle. Low steering forces. Handle may be swiveled through 180

Magnetic brake acting on motor shaft, operated through the handle. Braking position with handle pressed down and handle in upright position with simultaneous interruption of the main power circuit. Asbestos-free brake.

The Swift is a four-wheel truck with a steerable drive wheel, a supporting wheel and two load-bearing wheels. Hoods that are easy to open provide easy access to all units. The operating controls are located in the control handle head.

Lifting and Lowering:
Hydraulically through high pressure pump with powerful
1 kW series wound motor.

Sturdy and torsion resistant box forks.

2 x 12V/60 Ah, maintenance free. Standard build-in micro processor controlled battery charger with charge control light, compensating charge and maintenance charge. Charging of the batteries via any main socket (Alternating Current (AC) 120V).

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