2002 Buskro BK731 Tabbing / Labeling Machine – 376045

2002 Buskro BK731 Tabbing / Labeling Machine

S/N 731090231

Gain extra production time and ultimately, make higher profi ts, with a system that permits faster, easier, setup and changeovers, along with tighter wrap and tab placement accuracy. Simply enter the piece length, number of tabs, type of tabs, and sit back. The system automatically sets the label pitch, backer sensitivity, and label placement – no guesswork required!


Super-fast, easy setup and changeover

Automatic controls eliminate guesswork

Apply labels and tabs up to 7” (178mm) long

Portability: self-contained controls in the tabbing head

Placement accuracy at high speeds, up to 35,000 pph for single tabs (up to 1”)

Modular designs lets you place the tabber/Labeller at any point in the production line

Automatic backer sensing

Production counters and displays

Error reporting

Transport base interlocking for system stoppage

Peel-off and scratch-off label applications are available


Width: Up to 3″

Length: 0.5” to 7” (13 to 178mm)

Number of tabs/piece: 1, 2 or 3

Roll Size: Up to 50,000 pcs (based on 3/4” tab)

Core Diameter: 3.0” (76.2mm)

Spool Size: 19.75” (502mm) max.

Substrates: Clear, paper, translucent

Placement: Left, right or flat tab

Length c/w unwind & Rewind Spools 32.2” (818mm)

Height c/w unwind & Rewind Spools: 37.6” (955mm)

Overall width: 14.1” (358mm)

Label Roll Size: Up to 50,000 – 3/4” (paper)

Label Core Diameter: 3.00” (76.2mm)

Label Spool Size 19.75” (502mm)

Label Length: 1/2” to 7.0” (12.7mm to 51mm)

Label Width: Up to 3” (76mm)

Label Style: Circle, square, rectangle stamps

Label Type: Clear (c/w engineered backer), Paper, Translucent

Label Placement: Front, back, or fl at label (gate fold)

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