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2002 Automatic Punching Machine F42a – 021622122959

Compact and heavy duty construction for paper, cardboard and mixed material. For automatic and continuous punching of binding perforations for loose leaf binding, filing hole systems, corner rounding, index cutting and other edge perforations.
Type: F42a
S/N: 2019
  • Easy to operate by one person, because of the clear arrangement of the working sections.
  • Well proven disc system in order to work from pile to pile without turning the product.
  • One by one paper layer is separated from the bottom of the paper pile by means of separating discs.
  • Transport to the punching station.
  • Aligning of the sections and punching.
  • Delivery into a deposit box in the same order as fed – from the bottom to the top.
  • Simple and fast size adjustment.
  • Easy and fast change of punching tools.
  • A wide range of punching tools is available for wire and plastic binding, also combined with thumb hole cut, tear-off perforation and/or filing holes.
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