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2001 Vacuumatic Vicount 2 – Programmable Paper Counter – 092322074115A

Make: Vacuumatic
Model: Vicount 2 (Automatic, Programmable Counting Machine)
S/N: 18823

The Vicount 2 is a fully programmable counting machine. It provides unrivalled accuracy, reliability and enhanced performance in counting and batching paper. The Vicount 2 is a fast 100% accurate counting machine operating at up to 2,500 sheets per minute. The Vicount 2 uses the well established Graphical User Interface. Operational programming and use of the machine is very simple, with on screen instructions and information available in a number of languages.


  • Count Speed: 500 to 3000 sheets per minute
  • Maximum Accumulated Count: 999,999
  • Substance Range: 25-240 g.s.m. dependent upon paper quality and type. (US 9lb. onion skin to .008″ stock)
  • Tab lnsertion: 5-9999 with the facility to hold in memory 10 variable batch programs each having up to 25 steps
  • Electrical: 230V ac 50/60H2 5A f.l.c. / 115V ac 50/60H2 10A f.l.c. (Full Load Current).
  • Safety: Conforms to applicable Harmonised European Standards with CE certification
  • Noise: Noise level emitted by this machine is 73dB(A).

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