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2001 Screen PlateRite R8000 Computer to Plate System – 120121101129

The PlateRite 8600, PlateRite 8000II and PlateRite 8000 are state-of-the-art thermal CTP recorders. They deliver the versatility and productivity you need to keep your presses running. And they can do this for any plate format from B3 to B1 size.

Both also offer optional inline plate punching for perfect on-press register and faster makeready times, as well as Screen’s acclaimed autoloader options for unattended plate loading. If you like the idea of running your pressroom at full capacity, you’ll love the PlateRite 8600, Plate 8000II, and PlateRite 8100.

Model: PT-R8000 (S/N: 710)

Model: MA-L8000 (S/N: 142)

Model: CSG-125 (S/N:080671092015)

Model: BU-800 (S/N: 710)

Model: CC2338 (S/N: 9123-1738)

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