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2001 Robatech Concept Gluing System – 110521113750

Typ: Concept 4/4-US/IK44

S/N: 115912

Gluing System Description

The tankless hot melt system is designed for melting and pumping of thermoplastic hot melt in granulate form. It gently melts on demand and therefore is applicable for both high and low glue consumption applications. Thanks to the fast heat-up time of 16 minutes to 160 °C the Concept Stream is quickly operational. In addition, the adhesive system achieves a high melting rate performance of 9 kg/h or 15 kg/h with minimum space.

Benefits of the tankless adhesive system – at a glance
Innovativ melting technology
100 %* increased melting rate – a small tank for high performance (8kg/h) with minimum space
MOD (Melt-on-Demand) technology only melts the quantity of adhesive you need, when you need it
The gentle melting and conveying reduces the risk of charring and nozzle blockage to a minimum and increases the adhesive filters life span
Even for applications with low glue consumption
Fast and efficient processing
Fast heat-up time (16 min) and standby function
Over 20 %* energy savings thanks to our GreenLine technology
Fill level supervision with unique run empty protection for maximum uptime
Highest operator safety
Safe manual filling by a CoolTouch adapter
CoolTouch insulated melting unit to mini¬mize burning risks
Automatic pressure relief
Optimize your gluing process for better performance and reliability
The optimized gluing process reduces the risk of charring and nozzle blockage and increases the adhesive filters life span. Furthermore, a fill level supervision with unique run empty protection reacts before the system runs empty and guarantees a reliable production. All of these aspects result in less maintenance and downtime. The insulated melting unit additionally saves energy costs.

The Melt-on-Demand technology is based on the well-proven Concept series with GreenLine technology. Melt-on-Demand means the system heats and delivers only the quantity of adhesive you need, at the time you need it. With the GreenLine technology the Robatech’s high environmental standards are assured for an energy saving and sustainable production.

The Concept units ensure a modular design and backwards compatibility. Concept Stream can easily be integrated in existing systems and solutions, which saves time and money. Our solutions are compatible with the devices from previous generations and the ones to come. You can easily retrofit your equipment at any time. Concept Stream offers up to 8 connections for hoses and heads.

Highest safety standards are provided by the CoolTouch insulated melting unit, manifold and especially by a CoolTouch adapter on top of the melter to protect the operator from burnings while filling the hot melt system. By using a granulate feeder (RobaFeed) the operator safety can be even increased.

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