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2001 Kallfass Universa 5050 L-Bar Sealer w/ Compact 650S Shrink Tunnel – 020124355001B

Model: Compact 650S
S/N: BE 03.01.180

Model: Universa 5050
S/N: MA 03.01.804

Kallfass Universa 5050

Used Kallfass Universa 5050 automatic L bar sealer with:

  • Speeds up to 30 cycles per minute
  • Sealing frame dimensions: 20 inches x 20 inches
  • Film: center folded, approximately 45 gauge – 3 mil
  • Film cradle: close to floor for easy film roll loading
  • Outside diameter of film roll: 16 inches maximum
  • Width of film roll: 24 inches maximum
  • Speed of transport conveyor: approximately 65 feet per minute, constant
  • Sealing system:
    • Permanently heated seal bar
    • Special coating permanently heated
    • Temperature controlled by PLC
  • Clearance height of sealing frame: 4 inches
  • Scrap winding wheel
  • Heat tunnel
  • Electrical: 208 volts, 3 phase, 60 hertz


The compact shrink tunnel for small to medium formats. With the extra advantage of heat performance. The Compact 650 S is ready to go in an instant. It takes just three minutes to heat up. The unique ring-nozzle heating system is easy to install and its intelligent technology is energy efficient.

Your benefits highlighted

• Perfect packaging results using constantly uniform heat energy transfer to the packaged goods, regardless of the position on the conveyor belt
• Ring nozzle heating technology with integrated air circulating system for efficient energy recovery
• High level of insulation and compact design ensure fast warm-up times
• Easy adjustment of basic parameters (temperature, air volume and package speed) using continuously adjustable controller
• Intelligent technology ensures constant temperature during operation. Energy-intensive temperature fluctuations are prevented
• Carefully selected components, easy to maintain, maintenance-free plastic mesh-belt

Technical specifications

Compact 650 S

Adjustable working height: 32 – 35 in.
Tunnel clearance width, height: 26in., 8in.
Length of the heated tunnel hood: 48 in.
Power supply: 208 – 480 Volt
Continuously adjustable temperature: up to 190°C/375°F
Transport speed: 15 – 90 feet / minute
Installed heating capacity: 13,5 kW

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