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2001 Duplo MR 500 Perfect Binder – 031121030200

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Perfect Binder Description

The small footprint, high speed, and precision engineer­ing of the MR 500 Perfect Binder makes it the most pro­ductive and cost efficient perfect binder in its class. The single operator and single clamp design allow output of up to 600 books per hour. In addition, although designed for a single operator, the MR 500 can also accommodate multiple operators at one time to enhance productivity (i.e. one person operating the machine and another unloading and packaging books) Extensive, User Friendly controls. The user friendly control panel simplifies operation and provides many useful features to augment production. A “stand-by” mode allows periodic interrnptions in produc­tion without causing deterioration of the glue. Save time by using the “automatic timer” which programs the MR 500 to Lum itself on at a preset time each clay thereby preventing wasted production time waiting for the machine to warm-up. Other control panel modes regu­late glue temperature, electronically keep a finished book count, and adjust nipping time length. Clearly marked displays indicate if an error occurs during operation.

Perfect Binder Features

  • Automatic or Manual cycle for ease of operation
  • Automatic bottom-feed cover feeder with double detectors
  • High speed; heavy duty tungsten carbide milling/notching (roughening) device ensures that the glue will fully permeate into the spine for a stronger and more resilient bind
  • The adhesive tank is equipped with an application roller, metering roller, and selfsetting side gluers
  • Automatic start of the glue cylinder when glue reaches proper temp.
  • Leads and trail edge glue cut off standard in-line scoring device
  • Standard vibrating jogger at loading station to reduce paper handling prior to loading (ideal for cut sheet electronic printing applications.)
  • High volume paper dust (clippings) extractor simplifies waste removal and minimizes adhesive tank contamination
  • Standard fume extractor
  • Programmable timer
  • Finished book counter
  • Nipping time length adjustment
  • Digital Micrometer in the nipper station that displays cover adjustments in (mm or in)
  • Degrees displayed in Fahrenheit or celsius
  • Photo-Beam safety guard at loading station emergency stop at operator station
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