2000 Challenge Titan 200 20″ Paper Cutter – 053024488001A

Model: Titan 200

S/N: 001865

Count: 17,046

Paper Cutter Description

The most economical hydraulically powered paper cutter on the market, the Challenge Titan 200 industrial cutter makes the perfect addition to any in-plant or production print house that needs fast, on-demand cutting for clients, as well as for in-house use. Made in the USA and constructed of solid steel, cast iron and aluminum, the Titan 200 cutter offers consistent and accurate cutting, all in a durable unit with an attractive look. With a long 20″ cutting length and a capacity of up to 3 ¼” without the false clamp, or 3″ with, you can produce even large jobs quickly and with ideal efficiency. Floating fingers prevent individual sheets from being stuck under the back gauge, while a bright LED cut indicator light tells you precisely where the blade will connect with your stack. With the continued Challenge motto of innovation and strength, offering virtually maintenance-free operation. The set-up menu is easy to navigate, and allows you to accurately set the machine to cut to your exact specifications. Memory storage of up to 99 total jobs and 9,801 total cut positions make repeat jobs extremely easy. And to make life on the operator even easier, it features self-diagnostics and error indications that walk you through any potential problems. To keep your users safe, this particular version of the Titan 200 features a tilt shield that covers the table during use, preventing any hands or other items within the cutting area. Also available is the Titan 200 with category 4 light beam safety curtains. If you are ready to step up to premium quality, then consider buying the Challenge Titan 200 Plexishield hydraulic cutter.

Paper Cutter Specifications

  • Cutting Width 20” 508 mm
  • Minimum Cut* ½” 13 mm
  • Clamp Opening 3 ¼” 83 mm
  • Table Space
    • Front: 16″ 406 mm
    • Back: 20″ 508 mm
  • Dimensions **
    • Table Height 36” 91 cm
    • Overall Height 53” 135 cm
    • Overall Length*** 49” 124 cm
    • Overall Width 36” 91 cm
  • Approx. Net Weight 755 lbs 342 kg

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