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2000 Buskro BK 530 Tabbing System – 070522000333A

Model: BK 530

S/N: 5300700508

Tabbing System Description

The Buskro BK530 Tabbing System is designed to apply pressure-sensitive tabs onto mailpieces and can be used as a wrap-around tabbing unit or as a flat tabbing device (labeler). The system consists of two major components, the transport base which conveys the mailpiece and the tabbing head which applies the individual tabs. The system offers full flexibility in its ability to apply a number of tabs on either edge. Simplified mechanical adjustments and software controlled tab placement functions offer unsurpassed ease of use permitting rapid job setups.

The mailpiece, which is introduced into the system by a feeder, labeling system, or ink jet system, is conveyed and justified against a registration rail resulting in a tightly controlled tab-wrap. In addition, the presence of but a few mechanical adjustments for thickness and edge selection, gives the operator the tools to accurately and rapidly setup for any number of mailpieces.

In keeping with Buskro’s philosophy of ease of use, the tabber head is controlled through software via an operator interface that permits rapid selection of the number of tabs dispensed and their placement position. A unique tab sensing feature lets the operator easily adjust the system for various tab backer ribbons and the threading operation is simple and rapid.

Tabbing System Features

High Speed Production
The tabbing system is capable of high production speeds in excess of 30,000 PPH for single tab operations, 24,000 PPH for double tab operations, and 15,000 PPH for triple tab operations. The unit has been solidly constructed with electrical components capable of delivering reliable, full-day production.

BK600 & BK400 Series Compatibility
The tabbing system is fully compatible with the BK600 and BK400 series inkjet systems. Connection to either inkjet system is made through a 37 pin circular plastic connector, located at the infeed of the base, providing all interface functions including remote start and stopping.

Simplified Mechanical Adjustments
Product size acceptance and compensation is performed on the base through simple mechanical knob controls; one for product thickness and the other for tab edge selection. In addition, some simple adjustments points are located in the tab forming area to fine-tune the tab-wrapping process for improved tab-wrap quality.

Tabbing System Specifications

Minimum 3.0” X 5.0” 76 mm X 127 mm
Maximum 16.0” x 17.0” 405 mm X 432mm
Thickness Single Sheet to 5/8” Up to 16 mm
Overall Length 47.5” 1203 mm
Overall Height 60.0” 1520
including tabbing head
Height 34.3” to 36.5” 869 mm to 927 mm
Overall Width 29.5” 747 mm
Weight 550 lbs 251 kg
Belt Speed 0 to 500 ft/min 0 to 2.54 m/s
Cycle Speed 0 to 30,000 pph
single tabs
Cycle Speed 0 to 24,000 pph
dual tabs
Cycle Speed 0 to 15,000 pph
triple tabs
Line Voltage 115 ± 15% VAC 220 ± 15% VAC for Europe
Line Current 10 Amps 5 Amps for Europe
Power 1.2 KVA
Machine Motor 1/3 H.P. DC controller
Product Thickness Rotary adjuster for head and tab forming section
Edge Selection Rotary adjuster for lateral table movement
Skidbar Pressure control for product conveyance

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